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Matcha is having its moment right now, and it’s easy to see why. This delicious green tea is nutritious and the perfect drink for a little study session caffeine boost (especially if you need a treat to focus, like me 😉).

So, what is matcha?

Matcha is a concentrated, vibrant green tea powder that is created by finely grinding whole green tea leaves. Matcha first originated in China between 609-907 A.D. By 1191, matcha was introduced to Japan where it rapidly became an important part of Japanese culture. 

This irresistible green tea powder is cultivated and refined using a specific method, resulting in its distinctive smooth, rich flavor. Matcha is often consumed as a tea made with hot water, or as a latte with milk. 

Today, most of the high quality matcha bought and consumed worldwide is grown in Japan. 

Health benefits?

Matcha has been all over Tiktok lately. I’ve come across so many stories of people replacing their daily cup of coffee with matcha, for its health benefits. But is matcha really “good for you”? 

One widely hailed benefit of matcha is that it makes you less jittery and anxious than coffee, while still boosting your energy and productivity. The reason for this lies in a compound known as L-theanine. L-theanine is found in many types of teas, but it is up to 5 times as plentiful in matcha. L-theanine has been found to improve mood, support healthy sleep, and even relieve stress (all IDEAL qualities for a study drink!)

Matcha is also rich in antioxidants, which protect your cells from damage, preventing disease. The potential health benefits don’t end there, matcha is known for its ability to decrease inflammation and support your immune system.

Which matcha should I get?

Now that you’re sold on trying matcha, you’re probably wondering what matcha you should get. There’s a couple things to look for when buying matcha.

🍵 Color

A good matcha is a bright, vibrant shade of green. Lower quality matcha powders will have a more murky brown color, this matcha can often taste bitter.

🍵 “Grade”

In the United States, high quality drinking matcha is often labeled “ceremonial matcha”. When shopping for matcha to drink as a tea or latte, it's best to buy a ceremonial matcha. Lower quality, “culinary grade” matcha is great for baked goods but yields a more bitter tea. 

🍵 Location of origin

The best matcha in the world comes from Japan. More specifically two regions in Japan, Uji and Nishio, are known for their excellence in matcha production.

Ippodo Tea is a popular brand, celebrated by matcha beginners and connoisseurs alike.

If you’re unsure if you’ll like matcha, consider trying a fun flavor, like this chocolate matcha by Emma Chamberlain. 

How to make a matcha latte and my favorite variations

A typical matcha latte starts with about 1 teaspoon of matcha powder. To enjoy a clump free matcha, it’s best to sift the matcha powder through a sieve. Next, you thoroughly whisk the matcha with around 2-3 tbsp of hot water (a little below boiling temperature). This is typically done with a wooden whisk known as a chasen, but if you don't have one, a milk frother, whisk, or even a fork would work well! Then, add sweetener (honey and matcha is a match made in heaven), your favorite milk (I love this flax milk, it's creamy, high in protein, and dairy free!), and ice if you want an iced latte.

Some of my favorite matcha latte variations:

🍫Chocolate Matcha Latte 

In a cup, mix together a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a heaping teaspoon of matcha powder (I use Chamberlain Coffee chocolate matcha for this!). Add hot water and whisk until smooth, then add 1 tbsp of honey. Line your cup with some chocolate sauce and pour in milk, ice, and matcha mixture, then enjoy!

🍯 Spiced Cardamom Matcha Latte

In a cup prepare your matcha latte as usual. After the matcha is thoroughly mixed, add a pinch of cardamom power, a couple drops of almond extract, and 1 tbsp of honey. Pour over milk and ice.

☕️ Dirty Matcha Latte

Prepare as usual and add a shot of espresso on top


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