It’s the “I want more of this feeling in my life!”

I love feeling like what I’m doing is aligned with what I want and how I want to feel. As a person who feels intensely and has passions so rooted deeply, I need this feeling. It’s a feeling that is hard to explain with just one word, but I know it makes me feel like I have purpose, sense of self, and empowered to keep working towards my goals.

When I have more of the I want more of this in my life moments, I feel like I’m living a high vibration life, or simply said, the kind of life that I am proud of and at peace with. 

Living in high vibration makes me feel like I can uplift others. It also makes me feel like I am the center of my life and in control of the choices I make. It truly is important to identify consciously what kind of things make us feel this way so that we can live at a happier vibration more often.

I wanted to share a few ideas on how to life a high vibration life:

Feeling elevated

Think about a few things that allow you to feel elevated. These things could be activities, they could be people, and they may even be songs. Adding these things into your life daily will help you stay in a higher vibration. Mood lifts are everything when it comes to better days! Here is a list of what those things might be for you.

Hiking, podcast, walks, the gym, meditation, coffee shops, friends, art, the beach, your favorite song, food you love, crystals, supplements, you favorite color, nail polish, plants, a book, hoodies, biking, an outfit, and more. 

When you feel like life is manageable, you might have an easier time doing these kinds of things because they are the things that you know make your life fulfilled. They are good for you things! 

Feeling authentically YOU

Have you ever noticed how freaking fantastic you feel when you’re doing something that makes you feel like yourself? It’s so easy to go about your day and not feel like you’re doing things that align with you. Running on autopilot to get through the day and all your tasks is common.

Try doing things that make you feel like YOU! I feel myself when I’m training clients and teaching group fitness classes. It makes me feel like my whole self and it’s something I want more of in my life. I also feel this way when I’m working on my own projects or am around my people. There is no filter—just all good vibes and feeling myself. 

Feeling like your soul is cared for


I started doing soul care a month and a half ago and I am so thankfu for it. It is the simple act of doing things that make your soul feel cared for. Think about doing things that make your soul content. That is soul-care.

Raising your vibration is something that you must do consciously. Eventually including these kinds of tasks will create a life where you’re feeling aligned and content overall with the things you are doing day to day. You’ll have more positive thoughts, a better mood, less screen time, you’ll feel satisfied in day-to-day living, and be able to work through tough situations with resilience. I hope that each of you can find the things that allow you to say, I love this life!

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Vanessa Best

Vanessa is a certified personal trainer. You’ll never find her far from the gym! She loves hoddies, pine trees, gardening, and meeting new people. Follow her on Instagram @wellnesswithvan.

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