Aatina K. Shaikh

Summer is coming up and everyone is trying to fill up their schedule. One thing people tend to skip over is college classes. I know summer classes feel like they’ll ruin your plans, but I promise you’ll feel fulfilled at the end of summer knowing you got a class out of the way. You will be able to take fewer classes during the year by taking a course or two during the summer.

When looking into summer classes, there are two ways you can go about it. Either take courses that are easy to get out of the way or take incredibly difficult courses. Taking easy courses means you can have a chill summer while still knocking a class off your list. This can be a writing class, maybe an easy math class, etc. The best way to make these even easier is to take them virtually or asynchronously. This way you don’t even have to go anywhere to get them out of the way. You do them whenever you have time, so you don’t have to build plans around going in person. The latter, taking a difficult class, can be good for your GPA. If you take it at a community college, it may be significantly easier to get a higher grade than it is at your current institution. It may be difficult and impede your stress-free summer, but it’ll be worth it if you can help your GPA out while also saving some money. Those cute gym fits your fav brands dropped won’t pay for themselves! 

I know it can seem difficult to balance on top of everything else you may have going on. Even with an internship, job, going to the gym, and maintaining your social life, you can definitely balance a class or two during the summer. You do it year-round anyways. It’s so much easier when it’s less than half as many classes as you normally take. The best way to plan your day and summer so you can get everything in is to prioritize. List out everything of importance and block out times for that in your day. You can plan everything else around that. If going to the gym from 10 am-12 pm is your #1 priority, make sure that you always mark that time as being busy and block it off from all other aspects of life. Then you can go from there putting other things that may be non-negotiable for you. This way you still have time for what’s important and can plan those extra things around them. Currently refraining from quoting Miley… You get the best of both worlds… I failed. 

Take those classes over the summer and spend more of your money on the things that really help the gains. Are you really meeting your protein goals? Yeah, I’m calling you out. Me either though, don’t worry. Plus, you get to brag about being a studious baddie during the summer ANDDDD you get cute content to take those aesthetic coffee shop pics all year long. Get ahead of your classes and get an easier year, so you get more time to focus on each class. 


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