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You’re telling me, I have to find time to fit in my workouts during CLASSES? It’s tough getting yourself to go to the gym after feeling drained from classes or an exam. Luckily, I have figured out a schedule that works best for me. My current split is very simple but effective for me, as I’m an avid leg day girl through and through.

Let me walk you through my schedule: on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a break between classes from about 2pm to 3:15pm, so I go to the gym right after my class before my next one starts. I do two upper body days and two leg days each week. I will sometimes do 1 day on 1 day off, or even sometimes 2 days off 1 day on, just depending on how busy my week is. 

My boyfriend introduced me to the app “Strong” and I love to use it to track my workouts!

My leg days are my favorite, and my workouts consist of leg press, leg extension, leg curl, RDL’s, and squats. This is what my current leg day looks like on the Strong app.

My upper body day is very new to me, as I have honestly only done legs for so long and have zero upper body muscle (which is why we are starting now!) I have already seen improvements, and that is the most rewarding part! This is what my upper body day looks like!

However, sometimes the gym is way too crowded for any machines, or I am just too sore or not in the mood to do a full on workout, so I will go walk on the treadmill or do a little jog (or not go at all if I’m really not feeling it).

🎙️ Podcast Recommendations

For my walks, I will sometimes listen to a podcast, so here are some of my favorites: 

🎧 Playlists for Everybody

Now the fun part—PLAYLISTS!! Playlists are my absolute favorite part of working out. I love having good music blasting in my ears while I work on my body and mental health. I’ve listed below some of my favorite playlists that get me through my workouts. Enjoy!


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