When it comes to activewear, I prioritize mindful consumption. I seek pieces that not only enhance my performance but also align with my values. Girlfriend Collective, a brand renowned for its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, has been gaining recognition in the realm of fitness fashion. In this review, we'll thoroughly explore a recent Girlfriend Collective haul, focusing on the quality, sustainability, comfort, and style of their products. Join us as we examine whether these items live up to the hype.

Before we delve into the haul, it's crucial to grasp what sets Girlfriend Collective apart in the activewear industry. Sustainability is the cornerstone of their mission. The brand is celebrated for utilizing recycled materials, upholding ethical labor standards, and conscientiously reducing its environmental footprint. Girlfriend Collective is more than just an activewear brand; it's a dedicated force for positive change on our planet and among its inhabitants. 

The Haul Selection

In our recent haul, we meticulously curated three pieces that resonate with Girlfriend Collective's core values:

Compressive High-Rise Legging

Bike Unitard

Tommy Cropped Sports Bra

Our selection was driven by considerations of sustainability, performance, and style.

 First Impressions

As our haul arrived, the first striking feature was the minimalist, eco-friendly packaging. Girlfriend Collective's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their products to every facet of their brand, including packaging.

 Girlfriend Collective's commitment to style and aesthetics shines through in the chic and versatile designs of their products. The core collection of leggings, while timeless, exhibited substantial compression. While suitable for workouts, I found them less comfortable for casual wear. However, the "Luxe" and "Ultralight" collections offer a looser fit, which may be more comfortable for everyday use. Although I didn't purchase any items from these collections at this time, they are worth considering.

Fit and Comfort

A paramount aspect of activewear is how it fits and feels during physical activities. Girlfriend Collective didn't disappoint. The leggings embraced my body with comfort, providing a snug yet flexible fit. The sports bras offered exceptional support without compromising on comfort, rendering them ideal for high-impact workouts.

I will say the bike unitard did not hold up well on my runs. The straps continuously fell off my shoulders, making for a very uncomfortable run. Luckily, I was on the treadmill at home so no one was flashed in the process. 

The leggings and sports bra, once again, are super compressive. I think they are amazing to run and lift in! I do wish I got the leggings with pockets. They are both super flattering, and I would say they fit true to size when referencing their chart sizing for measurements. 

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are hallmarks of Girlfriend Collective's products. Following several wears and washes, I'm delighted to report that these items have maintained their integrity remarkably well. There's no sign of wear and tear, a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to crafting enduring activewear.

Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

Girlfriend Collective's dedication to sustainability is evident in their material choices and manufacturing processes. They champion the use of recycled materials and adhere to ethical labor practices, a commendable stance. Furthermore, Girlfriend Collective boasts a certified B Corp status, reinforcing their commitment to improving the world through business.

The materials in our received products exuded high quality, and their eco-friendly nature heightened my admiration for the brand. If you're a conscious consumer with sustainability in mind, Girlfriend Collective's offerings will resonate with you.

Price Point and Value

While Girlfriend Collective's products may not be the most budget-friendly options on the market, they offer outstanding value in terms of quality, comfort, and sustainability. For those who prioritize these attributes in their activewear, the investment is certainly worthwhile.


My Girlfriend Collective haul review leaves me both impressed and satisfied. The brand's unwavering dedication to sustainability, quality, and style permeates every facet of their activewear. If you're in search of activewear that harmonizes with your values, delivers comfort and support, and exudes style, Girlfriend Collective is a top-tier choice.

Additional Tips and Suggestions

For optimal longevity of your Girlfriend Collective pieces, consider washing them using a cold, gentle cycle and air-drying. Furthermore, these items are exceptionally versatile and can seamlessly complement your daily outfits as athleisure wear. Don't hesitate to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe.


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