POV: you’re scrolling through Instagram and those gym subscription box propaganda videos keep popping up. Companies are finding new ways to get their products out so people can sample them, and what’s the best way to do it?

Right! Have another company make a monthly subscription box where they put tiny samples in for the consumer to try!

So, here’s the Lift Box: a military owned and operated business in which they work with over 200 brands to bring its consumers different supplements, snacks, and drinks for them to try! EVL, Ghost, and many more are often found in these boxes that you receive on the 22nd of every month!

Now, to the good part: I was so impulsive that I set up a subscription with them and  bought a box to test it out, to see if it’s actually worth it. To start off, there are at least 8-10 products inside every box. This includes: supplement(s), some kind of protein snack, a pre-workout powder(s), an energy drink (depending), and each box comes with a T-Shirt.

The box costs $39.95, however with the amount of product and samples you receive, it’s definitely a good price - albeit on the little expensive side. The only requirement is that you fill out the boxes for your shirt size. For me, I put a medium, women, and T-shirt, though you can also get a tank top if you like. Shirts range from S-3XL. After waiting some time for my box to arrive, it did! Here’s the box in all of its glory. YAY!!!

Here’s what my box came with:
1 collagen brownie
1 caffeine chews
1 hypersleep powder
2 steel fuel hydration
1 C4 energy drink
1 bag of whole grain BBQ puffs 1 size M t-shirt
1 caffeine bar
2 pre workout powder singles

I took some time and tried everything - something new everyday until I ran out, and let me tell you, it was so fun to try new things that I wouldn’t normally try!

Although everything I tried was good, that red velvet collagen brownie, GAS. AMAZING. 100/10. Already ordered a whole box of them, they’re really good!
I think this box is great if you’re wanting to explore different products and are willing to try new things, and there is always something new in every box.

Now, here’s the Pros and Cons of The Lift Box.

- Automatic monthly box: your subscription stays active unless you cancel it
- 8-10 sample products for you to try
- A T-shirt/Tank top is included in every box, sometimes socks too!
- Small packaging, it comes straight as it is on the website

- Awkward T-shirt fitting: this may be just for me, but I’m a Medium in women’s tops. For
some reason, it fit super tight, which made me think they probably gave me the wrong
size? For the next box, I’ll be getting a men’s medium for that oversized look!
- No dietary options: some subscription boxes have a section where you'd want
replacements for items (ex; vegan products, no whey protein, creatine-free products, caffeine-free products, etc,). However, The Lift Box does not have one. Although I didn’t get anything with whey protein/dairy in it, I still would’ve liked the option to remove it completely from the box.

All in all, I think this subscription box is great if you’re looking to sample new products but don’t want to commit to buying a whole box/container/pack. While there are many other subscription boxes out there on the web, if you’re looking for a starter box, this might be for you. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a new t-shirt/tank every month! 



  • Natalia Jordan said:

    You mentioned that there are boxes you can customize, but I can’t seem to find them. I can’t take stimulants (so all those high caffeine pre workouts and energy drinks are useless for me). I’ve been hoping to find one that I can subscribe to, but no luck. Thanka!

    June 19, 2024

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