I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

If someone told my high school self I’d be doing this I don’t know if I’d believe them. I know I’d be in awe but I wouldn’t be able to wrap my mind around the how.


As a high school student, I struggled badly with on-and-off depression and anxiety. I’d always stress about having to talk in front of groups of people but I did love sports! I paddled on a Dragon Boating team and started weightlifting my senior year of high school. I loved being an athlete and pushing my body. So, that’s why I don’t think I’d be terribly surprised.


If you’re interested in the profession of Training, I’d encourage you to take a look into it! I truly do love what I’ve chosen to do as a career. I wanted to offer some insight into what goes on behind the scenes in order to teach classes and train others.


To my younger self if you’re reading this, know that you find all the confidence you need through the journey to becoming a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer



I always come in with a training plan for the clients I personal train and the classes I teach.


There are a few things I take into account when coming up with training plans. I think about what their goals are, how many days they come into train, and if they have any injuries or limitations. Then I chose exercises that will benefit them. I love this part of my job. I have so many training plans written down, it’s crazy! I need to get myself a notebook stat.


I make plans for classes too! I find that it helps so much to have a sheet of reference when I am teaching a group of people.






So much goes into teaching classes! I always try to come in early so I am not rushed getting set up. I bring my yoga mat, music, connect to Zoom as we offer classes online, and get mic'd up. Hearing my voice on the speakers use to make my skin crawl but the more I do it the more it becomes normal.


Things I am doing while teaching the class:

-Describing exercises

-Counting reps

-Watching the clock

-Checking the class’s form

-Providing encouragement

-Checking my class plan for the next exercise

All while doing the exercise class myself!


My favorite thing about teaching these classes is ending them! It makes me so happy to see that everyone is in a better mood as I end class. There’s nothing like being in a room full of people that want to better their health.





I use a lot of upbeat instrumental music so that others can hear my cues in class. I also love a good groovy sound! I found Playlists on Spotify for Lounging and I think they are great for the kind of classes I teach. Click here for them!





I love working one on one with someone. I learn about what someone needs in their sessions and come up with a plan for them. This is my favorite part because everybody is different. I feel like I am solving a puzzle when I am working to create daily plans with their long-term goals in mind for the people I train.


 Teaching them new exercises and encouraging people while they learn what they are capable of is something I get excited about. I see a lot of people who are new to exercise who get to learn what exercise feels like and what a good push feels like. Being alongside their fitness journey is the most rewarding thing.


People are always surprised how they can still push when it feels like they would have stopped 4 reps ago. I am there to cheer them on!

I couldn't be happier with what I do for work. Being a Personal trainer is one of the most rewarding jobs I've had. If your curious about becoming one, I'd say it is well worth it.

Vanessa Best

Vanessa is a certified personal trainer. You’ll never find her far from the gym! She loves hoddies, pine trees, gardening, and meeting new people. Follow her on Instagram @wellnesswithvan.

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