Now on college and high schools globally. We host workout events, socials, and fitness-centric info meetings within our individual chapters. Join the family!


How often do you have meetings & events?

The frequency of meetings and events varies by campus. Each campus hosts a variety of meetings and events throughout the month. These include group workouts, social gatherings, and bonding activities!

Where do I find a chapter near me?

You may search for a nearby chapter, or in the event that your campus does not have one, you have the option to start your own Girl Gains chapter by visiting the student hub page here.

How do I join?

Locate your campus chapter to get in touch with your Girl Gains Chapter leaders or Apply to start a chapter on your campus.

If you have located your campus chapter and are ready to purchase your membership, click here.

How do I apply to start a chapter?

To apply to start a chapter on your campus, click here.

What fitness level is required?

We welcome people of all fitness levels and backgrounds to join our community! We offer something for everyone, regardless of your experience.

Who can join?

We welcome women, non-binary folk, and all gender identities from every fitness background. Each chapter may vary in regard to specific eligibility to comply with University guidelines.

What if I'm not a student?

Everyone is welcome to join our National Girl Gains Legacy Membership (coming 2024), regardless if you're a student, graduate, mother, etc.! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter for updates and first access to our membership!

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