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In this world, there are 2 types of showers: 1. the shower you take when you have approximately five minutes to get ready (even though you really should have been ready five minutes ago), and suddenly taking the time to put Olaplex in your hair doesn’t seem that important and 2. the ‘everything shower’, usually in the ballpark of half an hour to an hour long. It’s not just a shower, but a curated self-care experience. Despite what TikTok influencers might lead you to believe, it is NOT necessary to spend a lot of money to make your everything shower as luxurious as it should be. Below are a few ideas to add to your next (or first!) everything shower that won’t break the bank.  

🕯️ Light A Candle (Safely!)

Run, don’t walk to Trader Joe’s before their newest seasonal candle sells out—the perfect scent for spring and summer (and perhaps a dupe for the Boy Smells ‘Gardiner’ candle?!?), ‘Tomato Leaf’ is the newest addition to the Trader Joe’s candle family. Though they’re already being resold on sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari for upwards of $50 (really, people???), the candle is only $9.99 in-store. If the name of the candle intimidates you, don’t worry—you won’t be inhaling the scent of pure tomato. Most people have been describing the scent as sweet and herbal, making it perfect for the upcoming spring and summer season, and a perfect addition for your shower shelf.

🫧 Pick A Body Wash With Good-For-You Ingredients

Tree Hut’s much-anticipated line of body washes has finally arrived, and is currently on sale at Ulta. An everything shower is nothing without a luxurious body wash, and this one is a triple threat. The formula contains vitamins and antioxidants for glowing skin, vegan collagen to promote smooth skin, and niacinamide to reduce inflammation. The foaming formula also works to cleanse without stripping the skin of its moisture, so there’ll be no flakes found even after stepping out of the shower. If watermelon isn’t your jam, this new line offers options from pineapple scent to the classic Moroccan Rose or Tropic Glow.

🌸 Add Some Aromatherapy

For roughly $12, you can turn your everything shower into an aromatherapy session by adding eucalyptus. Inhaling the scent of eucalyptus actually has a number of health benefits, such as stress relief, reduction of inflammation, improvement of mental clarity, and the soothing of the respiratory system. To get the full benefits, roll over the leaves with a rolling pin and then tie the bundle up around your shower head.

🧴 Repair Your Skin Barrier

Sometimes, doing your skincare in the shower just hits different, and when it comes to skincare, Cetaphil is considered to be a classic holy-grail brand (for good reason). Their gentle skin cleanser is one of the most loved cleansers of all time (and the only one that hasn’t made me feel like my entire face is burning off when I use it, for what it’s worth). It’s non-foaming, so the formula isn’t likely to dry out normal to dry skin. This cleanser also contains very minimal but good-for-your-skin ingredients, such as niacinamide and glycerin, which promotes a healthy skin barrier. I can personally attest that this $13 cleanser performs better than some $50+ ones I have tried, and is an excellent addition to any shower. 

🧃 Enjoy A Post-Shower Beverage That’s Good for Your Gut

Olipop has been having a much-deserved moment in the wellness community. The brand has managed to recreate lower-sugar and higher-fiber versions of classic soda drinks. For about $2 a pop (no pun intended), you can walk into your nearest Whole Foods, Target, or WalMart, and walk out with a soda that’s actually good for your gut health. Each Olipop contains 9 grams of fiber, 2-5 grams of sugar, and prebiotics. On top of that, they are also vegan and gluten free.



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