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This is easily my new favorite phase because it allows me to be intentional about what I’m doing for myself and how I’m taking care of my heart and soul. Soul care are things you can do for yourself that make you feel lighter, more connected, and cared for. 

I’m going to be real with you, I’ve been feeling a little disconnected recently. We all go through these phases in our life. I’ve been leaning on doing things that uplift me. With that, I wanted to share a list of things that might make your soul content! These are things that will make you feel better when you’re already feeling elevated and help you find yourself when you’re feeling down.


  • Making your favorite morning beverage and thinking of things you’re grateful for
  • Making a protein rich breakfast 
  • Sending an encouraging text to a friend
  • Going for breakfast with someone you like spending time with
  • Getting sunshine
  • Going for a walk
  • Journaling about your feelings
  • Stretching or foam rolling
  • Getting ready for your day! Putting your favorite outfit on  


  • Finding a quiet spot to draw
  • Grabbing lunch with friends
  • Taking your dog on a walk
  • Watering your plants and thinking about growth you’ve made
  • Throwing on a mediation
  • Stretching out your neck
  • Collecting Rocks
  • Putting on your favorite playlist
  • Dancing


  • An everything shower
  • Reflecting and Journaling
  • A bath
  • Seeing the sunset 
  • Doing Pilates
  • Diffusing essential oils 
  • Leaving happy notes for yourself to find later
  • Cooking your favorite meal
  • Enjoying dinner with your family members
  • Watching the stars
  • Putting on a meditation before bed 

Think about doing things that give you feelings of wellness and contentment and most importantly make your soul happy! Sometimes the simplest things can be soul care if you are mindful while doing them.


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