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Sleep, you know you need it! A good night's rest helps to improve your mood and primes you for success when setting out to achieve your goals. But, I know that it can also be a struggle from time to time. 

Sleep helps with so many things: brain function, muscle repair, anxiety, appetite, and more. There's no question feel better when you sleep better. Here are some tips to implement into your night time routine for better sleep. 

☁️ Day Dream During The Day

If you catch yourself with TOO many thoughts at night try setting up a time each day where you can sit with your thoughts! It’s helpful to listen to the thoughts going on in your mind during daytime hours. Day dream, worry, and think during daylight hours when your mind is awake to minimize the chatter at night. 

💆🏻‍♀️ Relax Your Body

A while ago, I had trouble falling asleep, I’d toss and turn and my body felt restless. I tried stretching before bed the next night and realized that sometimes it isn’t just the mind that needs to be relaxed—it’s the body too. A body that’s restless won’t signal to the brain that it’s bedtime. Before or close to bed, try stretching, yoga, or simply opening your arms wide.

💊 Supplement Magnesium

You’ve probably heard a lot about magnesium recently. It seems like everyone is taking it because we all are lacking it. Magnesium can help relax the muscles and is an essential mineral. It is said to help aid sleep, so if you’re reaching for a sleep supplement, try this one. 

Read more about supplements here

🧘🏽‍♀️ Guided Meditations Instead of Melatonin

Guided meditations are my holy grail! As soon as you start to let your mind and body surrender and simply just be, you fall asleep. 

There are some awesome guided sleep meditations on YouTube that will guide you through breathing, and walk you through a body scan. I reach for these mediations often when my mind is loud with thoughts. 

🍳 Eat Protein

Is your hunger disrupting your sleep? I like eating a high-protein meal before bedtime to keep me full until morning and support my muscle growth as I sleep.  

Sending you all the restful vibes as you try to get a great night's sleep.💤

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