It’s almost Friday. Your paycheck is about to hit and you’re probably trying to work in purchases for the upcoming year into your budget. I can tell you, you’re not alone. The only problem is, the money seems to run out in an instant. More time is spent trying to figure out where the money went than the amount of time it took to spend it. Again, don’t feel bad because I’m about to spend most of my next pay check the second it processes into my account. Oops… Anyways, the easiest way to spend save money and spice up our living spaces is through DIY’s. There’s always something that’s easy enough to attempt out there and it allows you to save money and sometimes save the planet. Gotta ‘Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’ your way to cheap and cute stuff.”

For those of you who are telling yourself that you could never complete a DIY project and make it look like a college student made it, not a child, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. As someone who has the most minimal creative bones in her body, I struggle with the same issue, especially living in a home where my mom and sisters are filled with creativity. There are so many DIYs that range in their simplicity to difficulty range. With a myriad of projects to choose from, it’s only a matter of finding something that fits you. To make things easier, I will be giving a step-by-step tutorial on a simple DIY project that almost anyone can complete.

DIY Wall Décor Instructions:

So, to start this off, this will be one of the simplest projects in the world, but it can up a living space instantly. I recommend this being an outdoor project to avoid a mess and inhaling toxic fumes.

All you will need for this are a large frame (feel free to purchase a secondhand one), the spray paint of your choice, a tarp, and any other décor you feel may look cute to add to the frame (glitter, stickers, paint to add a bit more flavor, etc).

Start by removing the backings of the frame so you simply have the outer edges of the frame. Set the backing to the side.

Once you have done this, lay out your tarp. This will ensure you don’t create a mess in your home.

Place the frame onto your tarp where the front of it is facing up.

Use your spray paint and cover the frame’s edges with a solid, complete coat and allow it to dry. Repeat for a couple coats if you deem it necessary.

Optional: Once you have created this base, you can go in and add those fine details with any extra materials you may have brought. This can allow you to spice up your frame to any level you choose and match any aesthetic you’re interested in. For ideas, you can do a cow print, the sky in SpongeBob, polka dots, or attempt an ombre.

You are now done with your DIY! If you want, you can hang up the frame with no backing, add the backing with a picture within the frame, or you can hang random items such as a string of pictures on the wall inside the frame while discarding the backing.

While it can be intimidating, there is no need to feel like you can't do it. Go into it with a similar mindset to how you PR with. You won't be able to succeed if you're filling yourself with negative energy. Plus, who cares how it looks as long as you think it's cute. Try not to worry about how others will feel about your project. 

Aatina Shaikh

Aatina is a sophomore pre-law student based in Dallas, Texas. She loves reading, going to the gym, and constantly expanding her intellect! Writing has been a passion of hers throughout her life and she hopes to continue with it on the side throughout her career. She is obsessed with fast food (Cane's and In N' Out specifically) and loves expressing her creativity in any way she can. 

Instagram: @aatina_k_shaikh

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