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As this is the first installment of Supplement of the Month, I searched long and hard for a great product to start off with. It’s safe to say I’m going into this blog series with the full intention of trying out different products so you don’t have to. Giving you the good ones I’ve tried and the bad ones as well. I’m here to do all the long research and spend my own money so you don’t have to!

Every month I’ll try a new type of workout supplement, whether it be protein powder, pre or post workout. As far as dietary restrictions go, I cannot have whey protein or anything with dairy, so I’ll only be honestly reviewing vegan supplements. 

To note: these aren’t sponsored. I’m here to tell you all the truth about what I’m trying out! I may tell you a joke, but never a lie!

Kudos or No Kudos?

To give kudos or not to give kudos? Well, we give the first kudos to an absolute icon in my book. In this big sea of pre-workout options, how could we not think about this gem? It’s truly the moment. While I’m not sensitive to caffeine, I still found this pre-workout to make me feel much better than a regular cup of coffee. Since this is my first pre-workout powder, I was expecting to feel anxious or itchy, but to my surprise, I felt none of that. No itch, no anxiety, no nasty taste, and better yet—no unfulfilled promises.

When I was looking for a pre-workout to try, I went deep diving on Amazon, trying to figure out which company I was going to devote my life savings to. Which one deserves my money? Which one wouldn’t give me the ick or give me the itchies? Which one will make me want to stay at the gym for 8 hours? (Okay, maybe not 8 hours but you get the point.) The list goes on. 

After a good half an hour of searching, I stumbled upon Jacked Factory. I was specifically looking for a supplement that had no creatine. I wanted it to be purely a pre-workout to make a good judgment for this segment. So, when I found Jacked Factory’s Nitro Surge and read it had no creatine, I was excited. The reviews were really positive, and customers reported—get this—no itchies. Yes, no itchies. 

So, in all its glory, we give the well-deserved kudos to Jacked Factory and their Nitro Surge Pre-Workout powder—and especially because it’s my very first workout supplement ever! I was not disappointed, truly.

About the Product

I’m not here to spread Nitro Surge gospel, but I am (in disguise).

Priced at $29.99 on Amazon, 4.5 stars and over 18,000 ratings, Nitro Surge is almost everyone’s favorite supplement to use that reviewed the product. With more than 10 flavors to choose from, you can pick to your liking which kind appeals to your tastebuds. When I first bought it, I had it in the flavor Strawberry Margherita. With no alcohol, it surely tasted like a margarita. All strawberry, no margarita.

It doesn’t taste chalky, overly sweet (unless used with less than 8oz of water), or sour. My next victim is the sour peach ring flavor. Peach rings, I’m coming for you next, don’t you worry. 

Though it does not personally give me anxiety or itch, not everyone is the same. If you’re unsure, try half a scoop instead of a full one. Remember to stay hydrated while working out!


Take with water 30 minutes before your workout

1 scoop: 6-8oz of water

2 scoops: 12-16oz of water

1x daily


As this is my first pre-workout supplement, I was expecting to feel energetic, but NOT the way I felt after taking it. When I use Nitro-Surge to give me an extra little boost before workouts, I wind up having phenomenally energizing workouts. 

On my first day taking it, I stayed for a good 3 hours. I know, what was I doing that day? 

To this I say, everything. I did…literally everything. Instead of just upper body, it became a full body, cardio, and ab day. That day, I did intervals on the treadmill for 20 minutes as a cooldown. A COOLDOWN. 

I think I used every machine Planet Fitness had to offer, and I can say I was on the smith machine lifting more than I usually did. (Okay, maybe I am a bit sensitive to caffeine after all 😂). 

To close this off, I leave you with this: Nitro Surge is definitely a pre-workout supplement you should consider buying if you’re on the market to get one and you aren’t sure where to start!

Editor’s Note: It is not advised to take pre-workout before every workout. Please only take in moderation, when needed. 

Product Highlights

To sum it up, here are the facts:

Cost: $29.99
Company: Jacked Factory
Link for Product Here
Flavors: 15
Vegan?: Yes
Tastes good?: YES but in caps


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