About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote female weight lifting while empowering women to feel strong and beautiful in a judgment-free community. Founded at San Diego State University in 2020 by students with a passion for fitness, Girl Gains was created to provide women of all backgrounds and fitness levels with community, resources and confidence.

Meet the Founders

Elisabeth Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

Elisabeth is a pre-med student turned entrepreneur, which was foreshadowed by her dog treat business at age 12. After graduating from SDSU, she turned Girl Gains from a passion project into her full-time mission, connecting women to weightlifting. When she's not group coaching or growing Girl Gains, you'll find her reading or sharing things that inspire her on her podcast.

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Jocelyn Martinez

Chief Operations Officer

Jocelyn is a wellness-loving, travel-obsessed foodie who’s all about embracing her curly girl lifestyle. If you don’t find Jocelyn in the weight room, she’s usually at a coffee shop sipping an iced matcha latte, planning the next aesthetic restaurant she wants to try while scrolling through Pinterest.

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Karina Glaze

Chief Communications Officer

This makeup-obsessed virgo is passionate about helping others find ways to live a balanced, sustainable lifestyle. Whether she's perfecting a new eyeshadow look, hitting the weight room, or discovering the latest sushi restaurant in town, Karina is always looking for new adventures and opportunities to come her way.

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Our Story

Enter 6 college girls who felt the weight room needed more of a female presence at SDSU

Woah, we did not expect to have over 100 members at our first in person meeting

After sharing the impact of Girl Gains on TikTok, the video went viral and word spread fast

Hundreds of girls across the nation inquired about bringing Girl Gains to their campus

We hosted our first National event in collaboration with Core Circle and Gymshark, connecting members across our many campuses!

From 100 members to 100 campuses, today Girl Gains is a supportive online community and campus club across the United States, Canada, and Vietnam

Our Core Values