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Classpass is heaven sent for those of us who like variety in our routines. In a world where fitness options are endless, finding the right workout routine can be overwhelming! Thankfully, ClassPass comes to the rescue by offering a flexible membership that grants access to a variety of fitness studios, classes, and activities. One of the best ways to experience what ClassPass has to offer is through their free 14-day trial. I’ll guide you through the trial period, highlighting the benefits and opportunities it presents for your fitness journey.

Signing Up

The ClassPass app and website serve as gateways to a multitude of fitness opportunities. During the trial period, you’re given a certain amount of credits and tons of activities to choose from depending on what city you’re in. With just a few taps or clicks, you can explore different fitness studios, class schedules, and activities available in your area. This accessibility allows you to try a wide range of workouts and find what resonates with you.

Booking Workouts and Experiences

For the 14 days, you’re given 28 credits and you can book up to 10 classes. Booking your workouts through ClassPass is almost effortless and the platform is super easy to navigate. The platform provides a step-by-step process that simplifies the entire experience. You can easily browse through available options, check class schedules, and reserve your spot in advance. This empowered me as a user to experiment with different classes and activities, ensuring that I made the most of my trial period.

Trying Different Fitness Modalities

With ClassPass, you can dive into a diverse range of classes and activities, including yoga, boxing, pilates, dance, and more. I personally chose to explore yoga and pilates classes. There was a ton of other cool stuff I was interested in that my schedule unfortunately did not allow for this time around. I appreciated the variety, as it enabled me to try out activities that align with my personal fitness goals and interests. 

Is It Worth It?

As your trial period comes to an end, I recommend reflecting on your overall experience with ClassPass. I personally enjoyed the flexibility and variety that came with each studio I visited. While it’s not worth it for me personally to continue with a membership, I think there are a lot of cool benefits to trying it out. I’m just saying, I personally wouldn’t replace my gym membership with this. Price varies by city, but in San Francisco, I’m already paying $100/month for my gym, so it feels a bit excessive to pay another $49/month just for 23 credits. Classes also fill up pretty quickly in SF, so if I didn’t sign up within a certain time frame, I felt a bit limited by my choices.

Overall, it was a cool experience, but I wouldn’t continue my membership at this moment personally! By carefully evaluating your experience after your own free trial, you can make an informed decision about whether to continue with a paid membership. Objectively, the free 14-day trial of ClassPass opens the doors to a world of fitness possibilities. Highly recommend trying it out if you’ve been yearning for change or just want to try new things!


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