Get out of Bed!: Tips to Stop Bed Rotting 

BY: Riya Mital 

So you wake up, check your phone and you’re just going to scroll a little bit. You’ll get up soon. But then one thing leads to another and you’re in bed and NOTHING seems to make you want to get out. You just want to lay there forever. While this can be helpful sometimes, bed rotting is an easy habit to fall into and even harder to break out of. So, how do we go about this? 

Disclaimer: This is meant for people who have trouble in general with their bed rotting habits. Mental conditions such as depression and anxiety can exacerbate the problem and may need medical treatment. If nothing works for you, please do not feel discouraged and help is out there for you <3 

1. Get Yourself Excited  

The first step to avoid bed rotting is to stop dreading your day before it even starts. I know, it can be hard. But sometimes mindset really plays such an important role when it comes to getting up and out of bed. Something I like to do is not even in the morning. At nighttime, I like to list out things that I am excited for about the next day. If there seems to be nothing, I’ll create something. Whether that is just deciding to watch the sunset or eat something I love.  Another simple tip is to not discredit the power of music! Music is such a mood shifter. I know sometimes we like to gravitate towards subdued music in the morning. But try to play something upbeat or more intense! It will either get you up and ready, or startled enough to get out of bed. 

2. Throw that Phone  

This one is hard, I know. It is totally valid to want to check your phone and see what people are saying in the morning. But if you find that this is leading to bed rotting, maybe try keeping it further away from you. While this is simple, it can help you stop from reaching for it as soon as you wake up.  If you have to get up for it, you’ll get up and out of bed sooner than you think! 

3. Distract Yourself  

Sometimes it gets easy to keep checking your phone, especially when you think you may be missing out on something important. They are vital connection points to all of our friends and family. It is totally valid to think that something may be happening.  However, checking obsessively can also be detrimental to your health. It can also lead you to just being on it more often. My biggest advice for this is to distract yourself! Go out and do things. Read, paint, journal. Do anything that will keep you off your phone and will allow the time to pass easily. Before you know it, you’ll forget all about that bed. 

4. Refresh!  

 This is another simple trick that I like to use. Sometimes the idea of getting out of bed is just due to how I am feeling. I may still be a little tired. Some things that many people discredit are things that make you feel refreshed.  This can range from drinking some cold water in the morning to jolt yourself awake or even just hopping in the shower can help me get rid of that groggy feeling that makes me want to rot in bed. 

5. Leave the House  

Leave! Even if you have nothing to do or nowhere to go. Get outside even if you have no plans. Take yourself to a park or even go do some work in a coffee shop. Anything that gets you away from the comfort of your home will help you avoid thinking about the lure of your bed. 

Bed rotting is easy to fall into, but not impossible to break away from if you really want to! Try out some of these tips and start your day in a new way. 


  • Elisabeth said:

    Love this article! Threw my phone across the room lol

    May 06, 2024

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