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Start Off Small!

  • Run errands alone
  • Go do work in a coffee shop or a library
  • Doing things that are more lowkey when you start off can help build up confidence! Then you can start doing more intimidating things alone.

Find Activities that Make You Feel at Peace💆‍♀️

  • It could be anything from reading to working out, also grabbing a book can be valuable to feel less “awkward” when alone
  • These activities will also get your mind off of all your anxieties
  • They could also make your alone time more fruitful because you are doing something you love in your own company!

Get Off The Internet 💻

  • Sometimes the internet can fuel our anxieties about being alone
  • With the expansion of social media and the internet, normal activities have become “embarrassing” or “cringy”
  • Sometimes, it is important to separate yourself from that mindset and allow yourself to live without the pressure of constant judgment
  • So when alone, do other things that will keep you off some toxic social media platforms


  • On the other hand, listening to music can make you also less preoccupied with anxious thoughts
  • Listening to some uplifting music can be a great mood and confidence boost
  • I love putting in my headphones and just doing whatever I want without the constant worry of being alone

Go on Solo Dates

  • This is the last step that comes with being alone
  • Once you get more comfortable in your own company, go out and treat yourself! This is such an underrated form of self-care which is not only relaxing but empowering as well.
  • This can be in many forms like getting a coffee, going shopping, or even just going for a solo walk!

Being alone in public can be intimidating, scary even. But little by little, it can become less and less scary and more fulfilling. With these steps and tips, I hope you can ease into being more comfortable alone!

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