It can be easy to fall into an all or nothing mindset when it comes to eating healthy and high protein, but I’m here to tell you that you can enjoy all your favorite foods while still maintaining a healthy and protein rich diet. Diet culture has fed us a bunch of narratives about what is healthy and what is not, but the truth is that health comes from balance. It is important to regularly enjoy nutrient rich, whole foods like fruits and vegetables, but you should still enjoy your less nutrient dense favorites. The way I enjoy my favorite snack foods without compromising on protein or nutrients is by addition, not restriction. Read below for some inspo on how you can level up your favorite snacks to add protein, fiber, and micronutrients!

Protein Upgrade #1: Balancing your Breakfast

I love eating bagels for breakfast, but they aren't very high in protein or nutrient dense. Eating a high protein breakfast is important to balance energy levels and blood sugar throughout the day, so I like to upgrade my bagels by adding protein, vitamins, and fiber on the side while still honoring my craving.

Half of a bagel with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning, scrambled eggs with ketchup, grapes, and strawberries

I paired my bagel with scrambled eggs for extra protein and vitamins (I always scramble one full egg with some extra egg whites for more protein). I also added some fruit on the side for sweetness, fiber, and more micronutrients. These sides pair great other breakfast favorites too like pancakes, waffles, and french toast! 

Protein Upgrade #2: Chips + Greek Yogurt = <3

If you’re a huge fan of chips, try turning them into a snack plate for a more balanced meal.

One of my favorite combos is potato chips with a greek yogurt dip. My favorite potato chips are from the brand Siete, they have only 3 ingredients and are super delicious! For the yogurt dip, I mix some nonfat greek yogurt with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to create a flavorful and high protein dip. 

To better balance the meal, I add fruit to provide fiber, micronutrients, and some sweetness to complement the chips. This addition didn’t take away from the convenience or deliciousness of my favorite snack, potato chips, but added more protein, vitamins, and sustained fullness, helping me stay satisfied for longer.

Siete Sea Salt Potato Chips
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Natalia Daraie

Natalia is a Psychological & Brain Sciences major at UCSB. She is passionate about all things wellness. As a member of the Girl Gains club, she loves exploring different avenues of fitness, including nutrition, lifting, pilates, and relaxing walks outdoors. She's a big fan of lattes, listening to podcasts, and can often be found scrolling through Pinterest for new meal ideas.

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