Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Girl Gains?

Girl Gains is a college-originated campus organization that provides resources and community. In addition to our campus organizations, we are a growing community of all fitness backgrounds. We provide community, knowledge, and inspiration. 

Who can join?

We welcome women of all fitness backgrounds. Check your chapter’s eligibility here. Everyone is welcome to join our online community on Instagram, regardless if you’re a student, graduate, mother, etc.! 

Do you charge dues?

Nope! All students can attend meetings and be a part of the Girl Gains community at no cost.

Do you have to be an experienced weight lifter?

No. You don’t have to have any experience at all! We welcome all women of different fitness backgrounds and celebrate all forms of fitness, with an emphasis on weight lifting. 

What if there isn’t one on my campus?

Our online community is free and open to everyone. Follow us on Instagram or start a chapter

But why weight lifting?

We love proving to ourselves how strong we are and the empowerment that comes from lifting weights. 

Still have a question?