We get the busy student, gym, and social life balance

At Girl Gains, we know the struggle of the student-gym-social life balance. Finding friends & going to the gym should not be the hardest parts about college. We want to make it as easy as possible—Girl Gains is about finding your people in the gym.

Community • Strength • Knowledge • Body Positivity •


How often do you have meetings & events?

The frequency of meetings and events varies by campus. Each campus hosts a variety of meetings and events throughout the month. These include group workouts, social gatherings, and bonding activities!

How do I access my membership perks?

After your purchase, you will receive a welcome email (check your junk/spam!) with links and attachments (i.e. your gym discounts, e-planner, groupchat link).

What fitness level is required?

We welcome people of all fitness levels and backgrounds to join our community! We offer something for everyone, regardless of your experience.

Who can join?

We welcome women, non-binary folk, and all gender identities from every fitness background. Each chapter may vary in regard to specific eligibility to comply with University guidelines.

What is the purpose of membership dues?

A portion of the membership dues is directly reinvested into your local chapter. This helps fund activities and initiatives designed to create the best possible experience for our members. Additionally, a part of these dues is allocated towards national operations and initiatives. This includes expansion efforts to bring Girl Gains to more campuses, executive trainings for our campus leaders, and up keeping our presence in the digital world, which enables us to engage with our members through our website, email campaigns, and other online platforms.

What Members Say