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Perfect”-- such a loaded word with absolutely no meaning. As someone who struggles with being a perfectionist, this is a hard pill to swallow. But it’s undeniably true. Nothing and no one is perfect. Saying this might be easy, but how do you implement this mindset into your life?


1. Be Kind to Yourself🩷

  • Striving for perfection can become very toxic very fast and lead to you neglecting your needs
  • Always practice some self care when you notice this pattern
  • Not only is taking care of yourself important, but eliminating negative self-talk is key
  • Everytime you catch yourself speaking negatively about yourself, remember one good thing you like about yourself
  • The trick is to break the cycle of negative self talk as soon as you hear it happening so it doesn’t spiral into self hate

Find a New Path🏔️

  • Mistakes will always be made no matter what, but they don’t have to stay that way 
  • You can find a new outcome to every single mistake in your life
  • Use your mistakes or setbacks to create something even better or make the most of what you have
  • Most of the time, your attitude is what really affects the outcome and how you feel about something, rather than painstaking detail that you put in for perfection

3. Focus on Progress not Perfection📈

  • Perfection is an unrealistic goal, but setting goals is always valid
  • Instead of aiming straight for perfection, track your progress towards the goals that you make
  • Even if you only make a little progress, it will make you feel so much better if you strive for progress and achieve it rather than striving for perfection and never achieving it

Acknowledge your Accomplishments🏅

  • It is okay to be proud of yourself!
  • Celebrate your small victories
  • You don't have to do anything big if that is not your thing, but even just a small treat after accomplishing something can go a long way
  • This will implement a reward system and make you more productive, but it will also create a healthy relationship with yourself

5. Forgive Yourself ⭐️

  • This comes along with making mistakes
  • Maybe you did something and you feel really guilty and it’s eating you up
  • It’s totally normal and fine to feel that way, but you also have to forgive yourself in order to grow, remember that it is okay to make mistakes--perfection will never be possible
  • That way, the mistake can be prevented in the future and you will always continue adapting and bettering yourself
  • The only way to make the most out of a situation is to grow from it!

Imperfections often get a bad rep, but they are beautiful and make us all better because they provide the opportunity for growth. Embrace the opportunities and be kind to yourself!

Riya Mital

Riya Mital is an avid writer based in Santa Barbara, CA, loves books, working out, and being creative in any way, shape or form. 

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